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Why Medical Transcription?  |  Why Us?

We provide state-of-the-art electronic Medical Transcription for healthcare facilities, hospitals, physician's groups and individual doctors with the help of a strong base of experienced and skilled manpower. We provide physicians with practical, innovative and top quality transcription and patient medical records' documentation services.

We leverage on the latest technological advances for offering both voice and data handling capabilities. Our secure network provides a single source solution that covers the full range of medical transcription needs.

Strict confidentiality of Medical Records are maintained throughout the process along with advanced, updated and dedicated technology. Our services are centered to deliver accurate, cost-effective, and timely transcription to the healthcare sector.

Our qualified personnel and the technological advantage have helped us to be successful in delivering the highest quality standards in our medical transcripts.

Recruitment & Training:

The training schedule comprises of the following:-

  1. Our training division is focused on developing and maintaining highly skilled professionals required for our operations.
  2. Intensive, high quality customized training is imparted by a panel of experts drawn from the Medical/Medical Transcription industry with the aid of audio and visual media.
  3. Typing training with the aim to achieve a speed of 40 words per minute with 100% accuracy.
  4. Practical sessions in - Basic medical transcription and Advanced medical transcription.

Why do you need Medical Transcription?

The Flexner report on medical education (1910) was the first formal statement made about the function and contents of the medical record, which encouraged physicians to keep a patient oriented medical record. In the 1960’s, Hospital Information Systems (HIS) emerged, which helped physicians keep documents accurate. Problem oriented medical records (POMR), made in 1969 by Larry Weed, focused on the organization of all diagnostic and therapeutic plans, keeping in mind the medical problems.

Benefits: Some of the benefits associated with the transcription of medical reports have improved physician documentation and record keeping along with:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Document accuracy
  3. Legibility
  4. Improved reimbursement

Medical Transcription (MT) increases the health care provider’s productivity and document accuracy, leading to better financial reimbursement and prompt response from HMOs and insurance companies. It also helps in the reduction of medicolegal issues and increases risk management.

Why us?

  • Strict quality control to ensure the minimum accuracy of 99% i.e. files are edited at multilevel to maintain the quality.
  • Prompt and customized turnaround time to boost your revenue collection and streamline your office expenses.
  • Use of the latest technology and in-house built “file tracking system” to handle transfer of voice files, transcription files, job assignment, quality control, monitoring and feedback.
  • Professional and highly skilled Medical Transcriptionists capable of working with every specialty.
  • Customized programs based on the client's specific requirement.
  • Transcription solutions tailored to suit our client's existing systems and technologies.
  • Capable of receiving dictations in multiple voice formats; digital handheld recorders, toll-free phone-in systems, etc.
  • Secured FTP hoisted at our dedicated server.
  • Advanced Data Protection and Security features.

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