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With the help of our innovative techniques, documents that once required dozens of file cabinets for storage can now be stored in a fraction of the space i.e. as an electronic file. Using electronic scanning technology, we can convert all your paper documents (no matter what size your source material is) to a more manageable CD-ROM or electronic file.

We specialize in paper-to-electronic conversions of any format. We take your project from start to finish with document preparation, scanning, indexing, OCR processing, quality control and then final output to CD-ROM or electronic file of any format.

Our quality control process enables us to give the highest standard of quality for all the data processed.

Stringent quality measures are in place to ensure that each document is with utmost accuracy and adhere to the client’s specification.

Data Extraction

In order to extract the data, our team understands the document content and the required content is extracted. Proof reading of the data is done at different levels to ensure that the data is with the utmost accuracy.

Medical Transcription
Legal Transcription
Corporate Transcription
Medical Billing & Coding
Data Conversion
Data Warehousing

Software Development
Web Hosting


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